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Reason Version 10.2

From Wednesday, September 26th 2018 Propellerhead’s latest addition to Reason will be available to download from their website, and it’s the biggest Reason update that has ever been assembled. Reason version 10.2 updates the production/recording software with 2x brand new synths (Grain & Europa), 3x new organic instruments (Klang, Pangea & Humana), an acoustic piano instrument (Radical Piano), a creative modulation device (Synchronous), new drum loops and samples (Loop Supply & Drum Supply) and many quality-of-life improvements (Multi-Lane Editing, Snap to Grid, Improved Navigation Controls etc.). Ongoing work on VST performance will be released as a separate update at a later juncture. For more information check out the Propellerhead website.

There is a specific upgrade aimed at those users with Reason Essentials, Reason Limited and Reason Adapted (The “Reason for Limited/Adapted/Essentials” upgrade) which will also be available from the 26th of September.


Multi-Lane Edit:

Adjust Multiple Faders:

Snap to Adaptive Grid:

New “Add Device” Buttons:

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