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Made available from the 1st of May 2018 is the latest evolution of the sequential synthesizer from Dave Smith Instruments – the Prophet X. The Prophet X is an 8-voice (stereo) high-fidelity synthesizer with a new sound engine that runs 2x simultaneous 16-bit/48kHz sample-based instruments alongside a pair of high-resolution digital oscillators with waveshape modulation, which sound amazing once processed through the Prophet X’s stereo analogue filters. For more details check out our full review here, or on the Dave Smith Instruments site.

Early production of the Prophet X during May 2018 will be limited, making them a little more difficult to get hold of at first: if you cannot wait to obtain your instrument, contact us as soon as possible to try and secure a pre-order. Full production will commence during June, 2018.

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X is an 8/16-voice sequential synthesizer with a huge diversity of sounds & textures.

The Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X is an advanced 61-note 8/16-voice sequential synthesizer with a semi-weighted keyboard and extensive processing power. The engine powering this behemoth drives 2x simultaneous 16-bit/48kHz sample-based instruments alongside 2x high-resolution digital oscillators (with waveshape modulation), and this audio is processed by stereo analogue filters.

Sound Library
Shipping with the Prophet X is a huge 150GB sample library, which has been crafted by respected sound developers 8Dio. This library includes both acoustic and electronic instruments, and ambient/cinematic effects. Creative manipulation of the sound library can be accomplished using the processing tool-kit – loop manipulation, sample stretching and the 4x envelope generators, 4x LFOs and the deep modulation matrix. The Prophet X also enjoys 50GB of internal storage for the integration of additional samples, and further libraries from 8Dio will be made available from the launch date, and going forward. There are also plans to include support for user-created sample content in the near future.

Modern Features
The keyboard of the Prophet X is premium quality, 5-octave and semi-weighted, and has both velocity and channel after-touch. 3x OLED displays across the surface of the synth provide valuable information during performance, be it live or in studio environments. A USB output and integrated power supply ensure the Prophet X is easily the best option in the vast majority of situations.

The main features of the Dave Smith Instruments Prophet X include:

  • 61-Note Semi-Weighted Sequential Synthesizer
  • 8-Voice Stereo (16-Voice Mono)
  • 3x OLED Displays
  • 2x 16-bit/48kHz Sample-Based Instruments
  • 2x High-Resolution Digital Oscillators with Waveshape Modulation
  • Stereo Analogue Filters
  • 150GB 8Dio Sample Library
  • 50GB Internal Storage
  • Loop Manipulation
  • Sample Stretching
  • 4x Envelope Generators
  • 4x LFOs
  • Modulation Matrix
  • USB Support
  • Integrated Power Supply

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