Fame DD-ONE Simon Phillips Edition


Fame DD-ONE Simon Phillips Edition
The Fame DD-ONE Simon Phillips Edition is a 10-piece e-drum set with a professional chrome rack, a real hi-hat and a modern sound module, for which Simon Phillips (ex-Toto) personally designed the 116 drum and cymbal sounds recorded and developed in his recording studio in Los Angeles. The E-Drum set by Fame is equipped with mesh heads, state-of-the-art trigger technology and high-performance software, leaving nothing to be desired even for professional drummers. In addition to the original Simon Phillips signature sounds, numerous percussion sounds are stored on the module, which were recorded in a Cologne recording studio and elaborately processed in the in-house sound development department of the Music Store to create an ultra-dynamic sound. The hi-hat stand and the Fame single pedal, which are included, both come from the professional 9000 series hardware. Sound module and base plate of the pedal are both in the new Music Store Simon Phillips Blue and thus perfectly matched in color.

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