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During the recent NAMM show Fender announced an exciting new range of pedals to replace their existing series. Designed in Southern California, USA these effect pedals have been completely reimagined in futuristic brushed metal enclosures with backlit control knobs and featuring Fender LED amp jewels on the face. All of the pedals in the range also feature Fender’s new 9V battery access panels, which are magnetically latched. The range launches with six models, covering the major effects that most musicians would expect to see, namely Reverb, Distortion, Overdrive, Delay, Compression and a Buffer. The early indications from NAMM suggest that these pedals are more than delivering in terms of their sound too.



Level Set Buffer:

This potentially critical pedal gives musicians the chance to play through the same rig with different instruments without losing output level. As different guitar pickups have differing output levels, a Buffer pedal such as the Level Set are indispensable to those who need to change instruments quickly during performance.




The Bends Compression:

Dynamic control in the range is tackled by The Bends pedal, a compression sustainer that can be used to create a complimentary level between alternating tones and textures, or simply to tame wild transient spikes escaping from your instrument. Use the Drive and Recovery controls to set up the compression; adjust Blend to set the Wet/Dry mix, before dialling-in your output Level.




Mirror Image Delay: 

This versatile pedal is powerful enough to design virtually any delay you would wish to hear. Three types of delay are available to select via a mode switch; Digital, Analog and Tape. Furthermore each of these modes has two variations, selected by a toggle switch. Dotted-eight note delays can also be created with the simple flicking of a switch. A complete tool-kit of controls makes up the rest of the face; Depth, Rate and Time knobs to draw your envelope, and Feedback and Level knobs to toy with the output.



Santa Ana Overdrive:

The Santa Ana employs FET technology to deliver classic Fender-style overdrive amplification options in a convenient (yet delicious looking) effect pedal. The EQ section features full Bass, Middle and Treble controls, alongside a Presence knob to help contour tone definition. Dial in all the juice needed with the Level and Drive controls, with the Boost foot-switch adding the extra push when you need it. The Santa Ana is completed by an A/B voice switch, and utility options for LED status and Bypass mode.



Marine Layer Reverb: 
The Marine Layer pedal offers a range of reverbs, with a control set tailored to allow for experimentation, yet able to return a more traditional space quickly. A switch is used to select between Hall, Room and Special states, with each state being further affected by the Variation switch (2x variations for each setting) and an optional Filter (also activated by an On/Off switch). This Reverb patch can then be crafted into shape using the remaining controls – Pre Delay, Reverb Time, Damping and output Level.



Pugilist Distortion:

Perfect to add some aggressive warmth to your sound, the Pugilist is a completely original circuit designed to saturate a signal with Gain. This pedal features two individual channels, each with its own Tone and Gain controls. Add to this a Series/Blend switch, and accompanying Blend control, to allow for the stacking of both channels and therefore the creation of many untested textures. The Pugilist also has a Bass Boost switch to give a heavier presence to a patch if needed.


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