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Summer Namm 2015 introduces four new members to the Yamaha synth family – the reface series.

After the Korean website leak and the many teaser video’s from Yamahas own website, DV247 finally has exclusive information on the four new products that will be launched at this summer’s 2015 Namm.

The reface Mobile Mini Keyboards are based on legendary synthesizer models such as the DX7 or CS series. reface is the perfect road warrior; tuck safely away in your rucksack when inspiration strikes (battery powered and integrated stereo-speakers make the reface ready to play at all times), or under the sound desk in the confines of your recording studio or even the stage – this compact instrument is perfect for songwriters, sound designers and live performers.

With easy connection to notebook, Apple iPhone and iPad, the reface is the new face in the Yamaha family tree.

Each reface model celebrates the personality of a legendary Yamaha instrument with a character of its own, reimagined for today’s ‘on-the-go life style’. Despite their compact design, they are professional instruments that are inviting to play. All models feature Yamaha’s brand new ‘HQ’ Mini-Action keyboard with 37 keys (3 octaves).

The four models include:


Yamaha reface CS

reface CS: Analogue Synthesizer

In keeping with 1976 Yamaha tradition, the reface CS unites simple handling and creative sounds with a massive dynamic. Yamahas concept was not to clone a monophonic synthesizer – the polyphonic tone generator with 8 voices and 5 oscillator types (multi saw, pulse, oscillator sync, ring modulation, frequency modulation) offers a rich bandwidth of exciting sounds from analogue to digital. All parameters are changeable intuitively using sliders.


Yamaha reface DX

reface DX: FM Synthesizer

With the reface DX, Yamaha has gathered all of those nostalgic 80s synth based sounds, pushed them through a 21st century audio strainer and integrated them perfectly inside this compact unit. A carefully developed user interface offers intuitive access to the FM tone generators and a capacitive multi touch controller allows dynamic modifications of sound. The reface DX is also polyphonic with 8 voices and features 7 effects.


Yamaha reface CP

reface CP: Electric Piano

The reface CP is a spiritual successor of the unique Stage Keyboards of the 1970s. With a powerful and emotive vintage sound, the CP Electric Piano doesn’t compromise when it comes to tone, playability or polyphony. As a Combo Piano, the reface CP offers six classical keyboard sounds thanks to SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) and AWM2 sound generation.


Yamaha reface YC

reface YC: Electric Combo Organ

The reface YC offers additive synthesis paired with a unique power of expression using nine drawbars and virtual rotary speakers. Combining five different models of organ, the sound of the YC Electric Combo Organ creates a special “Organ Flutes Tone Generator”. The reface YC delivers the authentic spirit of playing an organ using the smallest user interface possible.

Each one of the reface models offer’s rich potential for creative sound design. With Soundmondo, Yamaha has developed an online hub that connects the reface community all over the World. The connection is established intuitively using special Web MIDI technology exclusively for Google Chrome. When a reface model is plugged in, it offers the possibility of direct synchronisation. Voices and set lists can be stored in a private area as well as shared throughout the community.

The free reface iOS app for Apple mobile makes data transfer extremely simple. A name, a picture and multiple tags can be applied to stored voices. Using a set list, voices can be arranged in a specific order and recalled one after the other. Another impressive feature is the possibility to exchange voices using QR codes. A distinctive code can be generated from any stored voice and can then be shared using the different options available with iOS. It can, for example, be sent via email or read using the camera of another iPad to import into the app.

Make sure that you keep your eyes peeled for our forthcoming feature on Yamahas reface product launch event at the iconic Abbey Road Studios late next week.


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