To Taylor, Love Apple. Apple backs down and pays artists for streaming during trial


Eddie Cue revealed today that Taylor Swift’s open letter and the pressures from other independent music label protests were a key factor in reversing the decision for the Apple Music service.

Eddy Cue tweets about Apple Music

Swift’s letter brought many a column inch on Sunday when she brought to attention the lack of royalties paid out during the three month free Apple Music trial.

“We’ve been watching the discussion for the past week,” Cue stated on the BuzzFeed News page recently. “We want artists to be paid for their work, and when we hear from them — from Taylor or from indie artists — we listen to them. Taylor’s tweet today solidified the issue for us and we decided to make a change.”

Cue goes on to say that he made a call to Swift informing her of the change. “She was thrilled,” Cue goes on to say. Whether she allows her music to be used on the new streaming service is yet to be revealed, but whatever happens, her open letter has provided Swift with a great PR opportunity.

Her latest Tweet read:

Taylor Swift tweets thanks after Apple about turn over Apple Music free trial

Well done Taylor Swift!


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