Fender announces new Dee Dee Ramone Bass at NAMM 2015


Fender honours the late Ramone’s bassist with a faithful reproduction of his white Precision bass. The bass will be accompanied by a 40-page full-colour book with rare photos as well as a biography of the artist some of his personal artwork and illustrations.

Fender Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass

Dee Dee Ramone Precision Bass


Olympic White gloss finish
Maple neck with “C”-shaped profile
Vintage-style heel truss-rod adjustment
9.5″-radius maple fingerboard with 20 vintage-style frets
Split single-coil pickup
Three-ply black pickguard
Vintage-style bridge with four single-groove saddles.
Dee Dee Ramone’s signature on the back of the headstock
Special “Dee Dee Ramone One Two Three Four” inscribed neck plate
Seventies Fender logo decal
Single disk string tree
Exclusive scrapbook


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