Bugera announces AC60 acoustic instrument amplifier at NAMM 2015


Bugera has launched the ultra-portable AC60 2-channel acoustic instrument amplifier at NAMM 2015, with 60 Watts of output power, a Turbosound 8″ dualcone speaker, active channel EQs, and an on-board Klark Teknik multi-FX processor with 16 presets.

Channel 1’s High/Low switch with Clip indicator accommodates both active and passive pickup-equipped instruments and features a 3-band EQ (Bass/Mid/Treble) which has been optimized for acoustic guitar for a warm and transparent sound. Channel 2’s XLR Combo jack and Line/Mic switch lets you select your input source, and works equally well with line-level instruments, or dynamic and condenser microphones. A dedicated clip indicator provides visual confirmation when you reach the ideal gain setting.

bugera ac 60

The AC60 also features a high-end, 24-Bit Multi-FX processor that features 16 effects presets including seven reverb programs, which range from small rooms all the way up to the reverberation of a cathedral, modulation, delay and various other combinations.

An additional 3.5 mm stereo Aux input is provided for your mp3 player, drum machine, etc. Operation is ultra-easy, just turn the Gain dial to set the levels for each channel, and the volume control on your external device for playing backing music or drum tracks. On the rear panel, you’ll find an XLR Direct Output for sending your sound directly to a mixing board, and a jack each for your Tuner, FX Send and Return, Line Out, Phones and a dual footswitch connector for Mute and internal effects (footswitch FSB102B not included).


Powerful 60-Watt amplifier specifically designed for acoustic instruments and vocals
2 independent channels with separate volume controls and dedicated EQs
World-famous, British engineered Turbosound dual-cone speaker
Switchable Microphone/ Line channel provides inputs for both dynamic and condenser microphones plus line inputs
Active, ultra-musical 2⁄3-band EQ per channel
Multi-FX processor with high-resolution 24-bit converters
Klark Teknik effects processor with 16 effects including 7 reverb programs, delay, echo, chorus and combination effects
Balanced DI output for direct connection to your mixing console
Aux input on 3.5 mm phone jack connects to MP3 player, drum computer, etc.
FX insert for external effects devices (stomp boxes, rack effects, etc.)
Dedicated Tuner and Line output for additional flexibility
Dual footswitch connector for Mute and internal effects (footswitch FSB102B not included)


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