Allen & Heath launches ZED Power 1000 at NAMM 2015


Allen & Heath has unveiled the ZED Power 1000, a 2 x 500W powered mixer that has been designed to withstand the rigours of the road as well as supplying top quality audio. Created for gigging musicians, schools, PA and AV rental companies, hotels and conference centres, ZED Power 1000 is the professional choice for power and performance.

Allen & Heath ZED 1000

Built to Allen & Heath’s rigorous standards to ensure a long life in the toughest of live sounds environments, all channels are on individual, vertical circuit boards and all rotary controls are secured to the front panel with a steel nut to guard against impact damage. The output can be set to feed Left and Right speakers, or Mono LR plus Foldback, or Mono LR plus Sub. ZED Power 1000 has a built in, two channel, high power class D amplifier, coupled to a super-reliable linear power supply. This combination provides the best of both worlds—the cool running efficiency of class D amplification allied to the proven robustness and peak headroom of a toroidal power supply, with the ability to cope with high demand surges.

Allen & Heath ZED 1000 Detail

A flexible USB connection allows playback of backing tracks or background music or to capture a high quality stereo recording of any performance.

Allen & Heath ZED 1000 USB


2x500W Power Amp
8 Mic/Line Inputs
2 Stereo Inputs
1 Aux / FX Send
9 Band Graphic EQ
Record Bus
USB Recording / Playback
Touring Grade Build Quality
2 Line Inputs with Class A high impedance for ultimate guitar tone
3 Band British EQ with Swept Mid
16 Studio Quality FX with Tap Tempo

Allen & Heath ZED 1000 Banner


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