QSC unveils new GXD 4 and GXD 8 Processing Amplifiers at NAMM 2015


QSC has added two new top-spec power amplifiers at NAMM 2015, the GXD 4 and GXD 8. With contemporary styling, multiple routing options, light weight, digital signal processing and advanced protection circuitry, the new amplifiers have all the hallmarks of the QSC brand – plus professional audio quality and engineering with a focus on long-term reliability.





Digital Signal Processing

The GXD amps bring full-function loudspeaker processing capability with all the processing necessary to get the most from a loudspeaker system. The DSP section includes High and Low-Pass filters (24dB LR), 4-band parametric equalizer, signal alignment delay, and RMS/Peak speaker protection limiting. Twenty pre-sets for selected typical systems are provided as generic “starting points” are included.

Digital Limiting

The digital limiter used in the GXD amplifiers is set to prevent the amplifier from being driven into clipping while delivering the maximum usable output. In addition to amplifier limiting it also provides smart speaker protection by simply setting the loudspeaker’s continuous power and impedance (4Ω and 8Ω), and selecting whether Mild, Medium or Aggressive protection is desired.

QSC GXD Screen


High peak output power with up to 1,600 Watts from the GXD 4 and 4,500 Watts from the GXD 8.
Power levels matched to the most popular loudspeakers and optimized for maximum real-world headroom into 4Ω and 8Ω speaker systems.
Class-D output stage with a universal power supply for high performance and efficiency.
Extensive and powerful loudspeaker processing built in. Includes High & Low-Pass filters, 4-band PEQ, Limiting, and Delay.
Large LCD display simplifies amplifier setup and indicates amp status.
Inputs: Parallel XLR and 1/4” TRS connectors for compatibility with any source while providing convenient loop-thru capability.
Precision rotary encoders for gain and DSP parameter control.
Outputs: Professional binding post and NL4 connectors (compatible with NL2) provide for mono and bi-amp speaker connections.
Digital Limiting automatically protects the amplifier from damage due to temperature rise or overdrive.
Adjustable speaker protection to match your loudspeaker’s power and impedance.
Front panel LEDs indicate signal presence, input overload, and amplifier clipping.

QSC GXD Banner


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