Spectrasonics Releases Omnisphere 2.0


Given the massive success of Omnisphere it really isn’t surprising that the news of Omnisphere 2 being announced at NAMM 2015 and hitting our shelves soon is creating quite the buzz.

Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2

Spectrasonics have stated that years of development have gone into this latest release, which is actually the first “version 2” of any Spectrasonics software instrument…ever! The major developments in Omnisphere 2.0 include the ability to import your own audio sources, more than 400 brand new DSP waveforms for the synth oscillator, wavetable synthesis for each and every waveform, a newly designed granular synthesis algorithm and 8 new filter types including power filters, vowel and resonators. There are more detailed FM/Ring Mod functions allowing for much more aggressive, raw timbres, a new Unison Drift which replicates the behaviour of an analog polysynth, customisable and changeable polyphonic LFO and Modulation envelope settings and sound source reversing for creating some really interesting sonics.

The Spectrasonics sound design team have created over 3,000 new patches and soundsources for version 2, making a total of more than 10,000 sounds! The soundsources really are vast, featuring a new EDM library, exclusive soundsources from Diego Stocoo, phrase-based sources for the granular synthesis, and circuit bent and psychoacoustic options. Inspiration really won’t be hard to find with this amount of options, tones and sonic madness!

The user interface and browser functionality have been redeveloped and improved, with larger, clearer displays, Sound Match and Sound Lock functionality, Mood based patch browsing and super-fast load times for auditioning sources and patches with minimum fuss. An advanced arpeggiator section offers note transposition, pattern lock, speed offset and modulation whilst a huge library of FX units, including 23 new effects provide you with more than enough options for changing the flavour of your sources and sounds. The new FX section has also been redeveloped allowing for more FX per patch, expanded modulation and pre-set patches and new AUX FX Rack options. A live operating mode with key split offers a nod towards those more performance minded, and global clockspeed will make sure you never run astray.

We can’t quite believe just how much additional content features and functionality has been crammed into Omnisphere 2.0; it really is looking pretty incredible. With upgrade options and future updates no doubt continuous, it will take a lot to out-do this incredibly creative soft-synth.

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