Shure releases all new MOTIV Digital Microphone range


Joining the portable digital party, Shure have announced a new range of digital microphones, the MOTIV range. Shure claim their new microphones are a compact, solid and stylish solution to portable recording, offering seamless Mac/PC/iOS integration and a free ShurePlus MOTIV mobile app. The MOTIV range that has been unveiled includes the MV88, MV51, MV5 and MVi models. Each model features either Lightning or USB connectivity options and offers 24 bit/48 kHz digital audio recording.

Shure Motiv series digital microphones

The MV88 is a digital stereo condenser microphone, designed for iPad, iPhone and iPod, featuring a lightning connection, matched stereo capsules, all metal construction and a total of five DSP preset modes for instrument and voice. The MV88 is mounted on a hinge, allowing for handy angle adjustment and rotation. When using with the ShurePlus MOTIV app, any iOS device can record high quality audio and benefit from a selection of EQ, compression, limiting and stereo widening effects.

The MV51 is a digital large diaphragm condenser microphone, designed for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPod and iPad. The MV51 features a headphone output for truly direct monitoring, and with all metal construction, five DSP presets, touch panel gain, mute and headphone control and a built in adjustable kickstand, the MV51 is looking pretty impressive.

As does the MV5, a smaller digital condenser microphone again designed to use with Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Designed and engineered for enhanced convenience and portability, the MV5 is truly plug and play, featuring 3 on-board preset DSP settings, integrated headphone output for direct monitoring and a detachable desktop stand, the MV5 is no doubt going to be a big hit for all podcast and broadcast based applications.

Last but by no means least, the MVi digital audio interface designed for PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Shure claim the MVi is a simple and flexible interface engineered to be taken on the road. Featuring 5 DSP presets, direct monitoring via a headphone out and all-metal construction plus a class A Preamp and phantom power, the MVi looks a very powerful little unit.

Take a look below at Shure’s specs for the MOTIV range. We’ll be getting more info on these products and many more over the next few days so keep your eyes on the dv247 magazine to keep up to date with all the latest developments at NAMM 2015.

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