Korg unveils the new ARP Odyssey Synth


Much anticipated and widely expected, 40 years after the original, Korg have revealed their latest product the ARP Odyssey duophonic synthesizer.

ARP Odyssey Rev 3

Designed and engineered in collaboration with the co-founder of ARP David Friend, this modern interpretation of the REV3 model is bound to add a host of new tech and functionality to an incredible sounding instrument. Korg have stated that the ARP has been built meticulously, every detail aiming to emulate the renowned original from the circuit up, featuring 2VCO architecture, all three generation filters, oscillator sync, sample & hold, pulse width modulation, high pass filtering, dual envelope generators and PPC operated pitch bend. The variety of modulation and functions really is quite staggering. The three filter types are selectable via a switch, as is the portamento behaviour which differs between versions 1-3.

Adapted and developed for a modern landscape, the Korg ARP is actually only 86% of the original Odyssey’s size, using 37 slim-line lightweight keys, using transpose to open up the range. The slider section has undergone some considerable improvement in playability and now offers an even smoother response than the original. All new “Drive” circuitry has been added to the ARP, which at the flick of a switch distorts the VCA adding even further power and grit to the output. The inclusion of MIDI in and of course a USB port will no doubt be crucial in the ARPS progression, plus a headphone jack with adjustable volume, and fully balanced XLR outputs will really make a difference. You also receive some quarter inch and mini size patch cables which can be used with the headphone jack and the external audio input to create a powerful feedback loop, plus connecting the gate out jack to the trig in jack allows you to play legato. The Korg ARP Odyssey comes in a newly designed, branded semi-hardcase to boot.

To celebrate this release, Korg have also issued two limited edition ARPs, which feature looks taken from the REV1 and REV2. With the previous success of Korg’s reissue of the ms-20, the ARP will no doubt be one of this year’s most desirable synths on the market.


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