Radial unveils Space Heater at NAMM 2015


Radial has announced the long awaited updated version of the Space Heater at NAMM 2015, an eight channel tube summing mixer with high voltage tube overdrive.

radial space heater

Company President, Peter Janis: “We first showed the Space Heater a year ago and anticipated delivery mid-way in 2014. As we got closer to production, we discovered anomalies with tubes that were beyond our control. This forced us to pull back the product and redesign the circuitry to accommodate.  To understand the problem, you have to start by understanding the Space Heater’s circuit. 12AX7 tubes have two filaments inside that enable us to drive two channels using a single tube. The original design was configured with a single input and output control for each channel pair or each tube.  During beta tests, we discovered that the output from each side of the tube can vary significantly depending on the filament. And although the user could perform gain make-ups in a workstation or via a recording desk, we felt that having individual inputs and outputs for all 8 channels would be a much smarter option. This of course sent the design back to R&D where the circuit was redesigned and new dual concentric potentiometers had to be custom made to suit. The good news is the Space Heater is now finally ready and should start shipping right around NAMM time.”

Designed as a character box, the Radial Space Heater packs eight tube channels into a compact, single 19″ space with individual drive and output for each channel. A 3-position ‘HEAT’ switch enables the user to switch from 35, 70 or 140 volts to dial-in a touch of distortion or go over the top with full saturation. Each channel may be used individually or all eight channels may be mixed to a stereo bus. This, for example, could be used to fatten up the sound of a drum kit. A built-in headphone amp is available for monitoring or trouble shooting.  Connections to and from the Space Heater are supported with both balanced ¼” TRS and 25-pin D-subs along with XLRs at the master output.


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