Radial debuts JX42 at NAMM 2015


Radial has announced the JX42 at NAMM 2015, a compact switcher that is used to matrix four guitars and two amps in the studio or on a live stage.

radial jx42

Starting with the front panel, the four input channels feature ‘radio-style’ on-off switches that immediately turn the previous channel off when the new channel is selected. These are complimented with easy-to-see LEDs for visual feedback on dark stages. Switching is done using opto-resistive couplers that ramp up and down the signal, eliminating any popping that could otherwise occur. This is particularly important when mating the JX42 with high gain amps and concert-level PA systems. Each input channel also sports a dual function ‘set and forget’ potentiometer that can be assigned as either a level control to match various active or passive guitar or bass signals, or can be set to Drag for precise load correction when using passive magnetic pickups. Drag control replicates the tone and feel as if connected directly to a guitar amp. The potentiometers are recessed in order to leave the front panel clear of obstructions so that they are not accidentally changed during a busy concert.

Connection to the JX42 is done using standard ¼” guitar jacks via the rear panel. Each input is accompanied by a dedicated thru output that allows the guitarist to mate a particular guitar with a specific amp or SGI extender to feed a distant pedalboard. When used with bass, the through can be used to feed a Radial direct box to send a clean signal to the FOH position. There are two main stage amp outputs, of which the B output is transformer isolated to eliminate hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Selecting the amps may be done using a front panel AB selector switch or by connecting the optional JR2 remote footswitch via a TRS jack. Once connected, the JR2 derives its power from the JX42 which illuminates the AB select and mute LEDs.  A dedicated tuner out mates with the mute footswitch for quiet on-stage tuning.

The JX42 is powered via a 15VDC supply for extra headroom which can be locked to secure the cable.


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