Radial announces Twinline at NAMM 2015


Radial has launched the Twinline at NAMM 2015, a unique signal router that enables a guitarist to share his effects between two amps when using the amplifier’s rear panel effects loops.

radial twinline

Made from 14 gauge steel, the design begins with Radial’s unique book-end enclosure that creates a protective zone around the switches and knobs to safeguard against the rigours of professional touring. An inner I-beam frame creates an exceedingly rigid enclosure that makes it impossible to torque the sensitive printed circuit board. This reduces stress and prevents the solder joints from prematurely going cold. An optional rack-mount kit enables one or two Twinlines to be safely mounted in a standard 1 RU 19″ space.

Connecting from the two amplifier effects loops to the Twinline is done using standard ¼” coaxial guitar cables via separate send and return jacks. Each amplifier effects loop is equipped with send and receive controls to optimize gain stages and reduce distortion along with a phase invert switch to ensure the proper polarity is maintained throughout. The send and receive jacks are individually isolated with transformers to prevent hum and buzz caused by ground loops. Separate top-mounted ground lift switches are available to further aid should noise problems be encountered.

A shared effects loop for the pedals is offered with choice of unbalanced ¼” connectors for typical guitar effects pedals or balanced line level XLR connectors for those who wish to use the Twinline with rack-mounted studio effects or guitar amp modeling devices. A dedicated ground lift for the effects loop is also provided for. Controlling the Twinline may be done using the front panel AB or bypass switches or via the optional JR2 remote control footswitch. This controls a series of gold-contact sealed relays that perform the actual signal switching. Once connected, the JR2 derives its power from the Twinline to illuminate the AB select and bypass LEDs. A thru remote connection may be used as a simple contact closure to toggle amp heads when using Radial’s unique Slingshot switching system. This also opens the door to using the Twinline with MIDI master controllers and other types of remote footswitches.

Powering is done via a 15VDC supply for extra headroom. This can be locked into place to prevent against accidental disconnection.


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