Radial announces StageBug SB-48 UB at NAMM 2015


Radial has unveiled the StageBug SB-48UB at NAMM 2015, a unique phantom power supply that enables a guitar, bass or mandolin player to connect a condenser microphone to a Radial PZ-Pre or PZ-Deluxe. Since the PZ-Pre is able to combine two inputs using a blend function, you can mix two types of pickups together to create the sound. This has led the demand to combine a condenser microphone with a pickup. The SB-48UB takes the balanced input from a condenser and supplies it with 48 volt phantom power. It also outputs an unbalanced signal that is appropriate for the PZ-Pre and the more affordable PZ-Deluxe. This opens the door for artists to use their favourite mic with their favourite preamp pedal.”

radial stagebug

Made in Canada, the design begins with a solid steel outer shell with an XLR female input to connect the microphone. Power is derived from a 15VDC supply and an internal non-radiating charge pump elevates the voltage to 48V for standard phantom power use or it may be set to 12VDC.  A choice of balanced XLR or unbalanced ¼” output is available.


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