Fender launches new Bassman 500 at NAMM 2015


The Bassman 500 head released at NAMM 2015 combines Fender’s world-standard “blackface” tube preamp with a lightweight 500 watt Class D power amp.  Its dual-channel design uses modern technology to maximize classic technology, with classic Fender ’60s “blackface” styling and a wealth of innovative features on the front and rear panels.  A vintage channel that delivers the full, warm sound of classic Fender amps with passive tone stack and an overdrive channel that delivers the aggressive and responsive sound of a modern active tone stack (choose between channels with included footswitch). The Bassman 500 mates perfectly with Bassman Pro Series Neo speaker cabinets and Rumble V3 410/115 cabinets.

fender bassman 500 2
Features include a hybrid (Tube/Solid State) circuit, 2 x 12AX7 pre-amp valves, two inputs, effects loop, line out, pull ‘Mute’ for silent recording, tuner output, effects Loop, switchable overdrive, two Speakon 1/4″ combo jack speaker outs and a 7-Ply 5/8″ Meranti plywood cabinet.

Controls: Vintage – VOL, BASS (pull DEEP), MID, TREBLE (pull BRIGHT); Overdrive – GAIN, BLEND, VOL, BASS (pull DEEP), MID FREQ, MID LVL, TREBLE (pull BRIGHT); MASTER (pull MUTE).

fender bassman 500 back


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