Dave Smith Instruments Announce DSM02 Character Module


All you Dave Smith and modular synth fans will be excited to hear that a new module is about to grace our shores, the DSM02 Character Module.

Dave Smith DSM02 Character Module

The second module to come out of the Dave Smith labs, the DSM02 is a eurorack-format module, offering 5 varying effects taken straight from the incredibly popular Pro 2 and Prophet 12 synthesizers. Dave Smith say that these extremely versatile effects range from subtle shaping, to aggressive twisting and mangling of your sounds…sounds awesome!

Becoming much more affordable in module format, the five effects featured on this module include Girth, Air, Decimate, Hack and drive and can be utilised with a soft touch or a nasty heavy hand at the turn of a knob. Girth and Air perform low and high-frequency harmonic enhancement, while Decimate utilises sample rate reduction for a lo-fi boost into your mix. The Hack effect is a powerful bit crusher, allowing you to mutate your otherwise clean signal into a nasty, gritty noise assault whilst Drive adds overdrive and saturation allowing for a warm smooth overdrive up to insane turned-up to 11 and beyond harmonic overload. There’s plenty of connectivity too, with two separate audio inputs and outputs with shared control, so the unit can be operated in both stereo and mono.

The DSM02 is due to land late January, so get your pre-orders in early, this little module is no doubt going to be a hot product.

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