Roland announce new RT Drum Triggers at NAMM 2015


A new line of the ever popular acoustic drum triggers from Roland has been announced at NAMM 2015, taking the shape of the RT-30K, RT-30HR and the RT-30H.

Roland RT-30 series drum triggers

The RT series really opens up the potential to transform your acoustic drum set-up into a hybrid instrument, allowing you to trigger external devices and modules such as the Roland TM-2 Trigger or Roland SPD-SX Pad, adding electronic and sample based sounds to each hit you play, depending on which triggers you utilise. The RT range, as with all Roland products, is extremely well designed and built, using quality components and fibreglass reinforced ABS construction. The triggers offer an extremely sensitive response and benefit from being quick and easy to install cross your acoustic drum heads, using new self-guided rim mounts for optimum placement every time.

The RT-30K is designed for use with bass drums, the RT-30HR has been developed for use with snare drums, with the ability to trigger from both the rim and the head of the snare drum. The RT-30H securely attaches to the rim of any tom and provides a single trigger when the drum head is struck.

With a lower profile design and convenient side mounted output jacks, the RT Series Triggers will no doubt prove to be an extremely popular route into any hybrid drum setup.



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