Ashdown launches Rootmaster 800 Bass Amplifier at NAMM 2015


Ashdown’s has added a new high-powered head to its popular Rootmaster Range of compact bass amps for working bass players on a budget who need high-powered gigging amp. The Rootmaster 800 delivers impressive features for its size and is distinguished by a polished stainless steel front panel and rolled-edge black housing.
Powered by an 800W digital amp, the RM-800 weighs just 4kg (9lbs) making it the perfect choice for working bassists looking for serious power and features without the weight. The RM-800 also features five-band rotary tone controls, a ‘Shape’ switch that can be used to instantly dial in the classic ‘Ashdown sound’ setting at the push of a button. The EQ circuit can also be switched out to give completely unaffected bass tone if desired and to increase warmth and body to a strong core tone, the RM-800 includes Ashdown’s simple to use One-knob Compression to deliver a powerful, even sound.

Adding to the player’s sonic arsenal, the RM-800 also comes loaded with Ashdown’s Tube-emulated Overdrive, adding character that ranges from warm overdrive through to full-on distortion. There’s also a Sub-Harmonic Generator that blends in a low-octave, suitable for adding depth and definition to any part. Both Drive and Sub are switchable from the front panel or via an Ashdown FS2 footswitch.


Rounding out the feature set is a transparent effects loop for use with external rack or pedal effects, a DI Output for connecting to a mixer, and a Line Input with level control for jamming along with backing tracks.


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