Kemper reveals Profiler Remote foot controller at NAMM 2015


Details of the much awaited Profiler Remote have now been imparted to eager Profiler users. The versatile and yet easy to operate foot controller offers seamless integration between Profiler and Remote which allows you to control, administer and program without any knowledge of MIDI or having to delve through cryptic data sheets. Sturdily built for live use, the Remote also features a large, illuminated display designed to be visible at from a distance; helpful for touring musicians on dark stages.

kemper profiler remote top

Five buttons allow you to directly access five different programs (“Rigs”) and entire performance programs can be switched using a bank system. There are dedicated buttons to access the tuner, tap tempo in and enable the new, exclusive Looper Effect.

Remote connects via a single Ethernet cable to your Profiler. No extra power supply in needed and the included cable is 7 meters long (21ft). Longer cables are possible as well.

The Looper

With a single click on a button, Remote turns into a fully-fledged Looper control station. Loops can be recorded, overdubbed and deleted by using the buttons on the board. You can reverse, halftime and undo takes. The maximum duration of a loop is thirty seconds. The Looper is exclusively available to Remote users.

Programming Remote

Four buttons, which can be assigned individually for every program, can control multiple stomp effects at the same time. In order to associate an effect with a button, all you need to do is: Press a stomp button on your Profiler and hold the button of your choice on Remote at the same time.

Made with touring in mind

Remote connects to Profiler with a single cable and a Neutrik etherCON connector to ensure the most robust connection possible on stage. By using a powered ethernet hub, distances in excess of 100 meters (300ft) can be bridged with a simple Ethernet cable.

Controllers and switches

The four TRS connectors on the rear panel can be used for continuous controllers and switches. Each controller can be freely assigned per program. Multiple assignments per controller are also possible. Status colour LEDs gives you a great overview on assignments and purpose of a switch/pedal.

kemper profiler remote back


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