ESP launches new LTD Signature Series at NAMM 2015


ESP has announced updated models for many of the current ESP artists. Exodus guitarist Gary Holt gets three new models: the ESP Gary Holt, LTD GH-600 and LTD GH-200 are all single-cutaway guitars that are accented in distinctive red-coloured design details and feature Floyd Rose tremolos. Another new addition to the ESP artist family, Javier Reyes of respected progressive metal band Animals as Leaders, gets his own LTD JR-608QM and the LTD JR-208. Both are 8- string baritone models at 27” scale. The JR-608QM has high-end design features like neck-thru-body construction, and features Reyes’ signature DiMarzio pickups. Also new to the ESP roster, jazz/fusion great Bunny Brunel is introducing the LTD BB-1004QM and LTD BB-1005FLQM. Respectively 4-string and 5-string fretless basses, the basses include neck-thru- body construction, quilted maple tops, a special Aguilar pickup set with OBP-3 active preamp, and ebony fingerboard.

ESP LTD Signature Series


Several current ESP artists have also had additions and updates to their signature instruments. Gus G. (Ozzy Osbourne, Firewind) has four new models: the ESP Gus G/ EC, ESP Gus G/RS, LTD GUS-200, and LTD GUS-200EC. These updated models are now available in Black Satin finish, and feature contrasting white pickup covers. Will Adler of Lamb of God has new additions to his Warbird signature series guitars, including the LTD WA-200 Warbird Distressed and LTD WA-200 White Camo. Respected shredder Andy James helped design the 7-string LTD AJ-7, while new and updated basses are being made available for Frank Bello of Anthrax (the ESP FRANK BELLO, LTD FB-4, 8-string LTD FB-208 and LTD FB-204), War/PHILM bassist Pancho Tomaselli (the redesigned LTD PT-4), and Gabe Crisp (Whitechapel) with the GC-P4.

ESP LTD Signature Series 2


Other signature series models are returning to LTD’s affordable 200 Series, including the Kirk Hammett (Metallica) KH-202 and KH-202 Left Handed, Michael Paget (Bullet for My Valentine) MP-200, Tom Araya (Slayer) TA-204, and Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) SC-207 and SC-208.

ESP LTD Signature Series 3


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