ESP launches more new LTD guitars at NAMM 2015


ESP now offers a huge choice in its massively popular LTD Series with loads of new models on offer, all launched at NAMM 2015.


Topping the list is the unique looking special edition M-1000SE featuring a Floyd Rose bridge, a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates/ Jazz pickup set and a flamed maple top in a Vintage Natural Satin finish. Another highlight of the new LTD models is the EC-1000ETFM with an ebony fingerboard, flamed maple top, Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups, and the innovative EverTune constant tension bridge system. The new M-1000 Ebony is finished in a gleaming Snow White finish with a contrasting ebony fingerboard.


For 2015, there’s a new level to the LTD Deluxe models with the addition of the 1001 Series, which adds special design considerations and/or hardware and components like EMG’s MetalWorks pickups. These new models include the EC-1001FR, the H-1001FR, the M-1001, the MH-1001NT, and the MH-1001FR.


For the first time, the new FRX shape is being made in LTD versions that include the FRX-401 and the 7-string FRX-407. Both models are available in a choice of Black and Snow White. Another new LTD shape is the Arrow-401, with aggressive styling and a set-thru neck, EMG 81/85 pickups and a Floyd Rose bridge.


In addition, there are a number of new finishes to some of LTD’s most popular shapes, including the EC-401 which is now available in Charcoal Satin while the M-200 is being offered in Black Desert Camo. The TE-406 and TE-407 now come in Snow White Satin, and the new TE-406FM offers its flamed maple top in Dark Brown Sunburst Satin finish. The Thinline Series TL-6 now comes in a Spalted maple top.


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