Electro-Harmonix launches Super Pulsar at NAMM 2015


New from Electro-Harmonix at Namm 2015 is the Super Pulsar, a stereo tap analog tremolo pedal with a warm lush tone, extensive controls and variable signal routing.  Up to eight customized pre-set programs can be saved and recalled or parameters can be manipulated in real time, with EXP control over Rate, Depth, Shape, Phase and Volume.

electro harmonix super pulsar










Analog Tremolo with Stereo in/out, mono in/stereo out, stereo in/mono out and mono in/mono out.
Adjustable modulation waveforms include sine wave, triangle and pulse waves, plus 9 rhythmic patterns that may be changed by the user and saved.
Modulation rate set by RATE knob, TAP TEMPO FSW, external Tap FSW or external clock.
The waveform phase for the right channel may be adjusted from 0 degrees to 360 degrees in relation to the left channel.
Modulation Rate and Depth can interact with your playing by adding envelope follower modulation to each parameter.
Expression pedal or CV control over Rate, Depth, Shape, Phase or Volume.
Volume Boost of up to 12dB when DEPTH control is set to minimum position.
Save and recall up to 8 presets.
MODE FSW allows user to scroll through TAP DIVIDE modes, EXP MODES or 8 Presets.
True Bypass using mechanical relays.
9VDC AC Adaptor Included.


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