Warm Audio unveils a new Nova product upgrade, the WA76 Stereo Link


A brand new upgrade product for the Warm Audio Nova range has been announced in the WA76 Compressor Linked Stereo Pair.

The WA76 Stereo Link mod is essentially a small circuit installed into each unit of a paired set of WA76 Limiting Amplifiers, allowing for switching between operation in dual mono and stereo linked modes. Selection between modes is via a small toggle switch on each unit, and a 3.5mm stereo connection is then added to the rear of both which is used as a link point.


Warm Audio WA76 Compressor Linked Stereo Pair front


In dual mono mode, your to WA76 units will operate individually and independently from each other. Once switched to Stereo configuration, all controls are set identically on both units. The internal preamp stage is buffered and combined with the paired unit then sent to the compression circuit. Both WA76 units will react to the combined input signal thusly offering the same amount of signal dependant gain reduction over each limiting amplifier. The unmixed audio content remains integral. This means that anyway left-right image shifts gained from using in dual mono mode will be eliminated and replaced with stereo compression.

The WA76 pair also offer calibrated output levels within 0.5 dBu and matched gain reduction within 10% (whilst all controls top dead centre with 20:1 ratio).

The package includes 2 x WA76, installed stereo link boards, stereo mini jack link cable, stereo level calibration.

We’ll be getting more info on these products and many more over the next few days so keep your eyes on the dv247 magazine to keep up to date with all the latest developments at NAMM 2015



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