DV Digital DJ Expo News – Part One


Announced today, the DV Digital DJ Expo is happening in their East London retail superstore on Saturday, December 3rd. Following closely in the footsteps of the recent and well attended DV Computer Music Expo, this December event brings some great and cutting edge DJ technology in a hands-on environment and couples that with leading DJ appearances, doing demonstrations and seminars too. Attendees will hopefully enjoy some awesome ‘edu-tainment’ from both the new, and old school of DJ’s. So who’s there..?
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DJ Switch

DJ Switch is no stranger to these virtual pages at DV Magazine. We’ve featured this 3 times World DMC Turntablist Champion more than once – most recently, and notably for his truly amazing and innovative performance with a full orchestra, at London’s Royal Albert Hall no less, where this still young artist displayed what could only be described as a next generation, major development in the DJ/Turntablist art [see article]. Real name Anthony Culverwell, DJ Switch was also seen recently performing a pair-up jam session with current UK Champion [JFB] where the duo (s)mashed up FatBoy Slim’s ‘Right Here, Right Now’ on a random rooftop location [see article].  Still only recently, he has turned his hand to a multitude of successful endeavours including playing the closing sets for Glastonbury & Bestival plus numerous guest mix contributions to 1Xtra, Radio 1 and the BBC Asian Network.

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DJ Slipmatt

Slipmatt instantly evokes the term, Legend. This hard working, hard playing jock was integral to the development of hardcore dance and rave music and still to this day plays around 3 or 4 gigs a week to thousands of fans. Most of his dance disciples are happy to either re-ignite their breakbeat/hardcore/house memories or take a true raver’s baptism on a first time journey into the world of Matthew ‘Slipmatt’ Nelson. Starting his pro-career in 1989, DJ success followed quickly, but really went to the next level as Slipmatt paired with friend ‘DJ Lime’ to form rave recording act, SL2 – two massive club and chart hits were the result but no resting on laurels happened after, and Slipmatt continued playing gig after gig, being probably one of the most consistently industry recognised and committed music professionals we have in the DJ arena. I recently had the pleasure of shaking hands with Matt at the recent BPM show where, appearing at the Pioneer stand, he was using one of DV’s Synergy DJ-X5 MkII laptops to power his set.

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DJ Billy Bunter

Keeping a connection going with the aforementioned jock, Billy Bunter is a long time collaborator with Slipmatt, but no stranger to industry success himself. A twenty year veteran on the circuit, Billy’s philosophy has always been ‘Get the party jumping, and give the dance floor goose bumps with tune after tune’. Numerous remixes and productions have also seen this talented DJ drop releases for Ministry of Sound, Vigin/EMI, RainDance, and many more independent hard dance labels too. A former pirate radio DJ and East London record shop Saturday boy, Billy, like Slipmatt, has remained committed not only to the DJ industry and entertaining his crowd(s), but continued on with development of a unique and tough production style, ever evolving his area of dance music to new levels. With a solidly booked 2011/12 diary at the UKs best club nights, raves and festivals, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter never eases off the gas, and is keeping it rockin’ in the studio, developing a new sound (with Slipmatt) called ‘Ravebreaks’ – a fusion of breakbeats mixed with anything from traditional rave sounds to electro, to full on vocal songs.

More info on DJ Billy Bunter

Rob Anderson (Esoteric/Twisted Society)

Rob Anderson first hit the decks back in 2007 and since then has carved a reputation for delivering some of the best quality, minimal techno sets heard in clubs worldwide. His career highlights so far have been the co-launch of the respected Coalition events (popular on the true underground London party scene) and a move to Amsterdam where he studied at the SAE (Sound and Audio Engineering institute), perfecting his now unique production ethos. Rob was soon invited to take regular spots in Ibiza and more global dates followed as word spread about his no nonsense delivery of flawless sets, including both sonically complex and rhythmically commanding tracks.

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Rogue Industries artist, Rednek, is currently blowing up the Dubstep genre with his insane (almost tongue in cheek) production, ‘I’m Not Skrillex’. His video, currently resting on nearly 170,000 plays, is further adding to the profile of this fast-emerging new producer/DJ/writer and performer. Rednek’s production output is described as ‘energy driven music to make your pants catch fire!’ and we’re sure some of this explosive energy will be directed towards the DV Digital DJ Expo audiences too.

More info on Rednek

And then there’s..


Yep, I’ll be delivering a hopefully interesting seminar – Entitled, ’30 Years of DJ Culture & Technology’ – this will be a personal retread of my own DJ/Production journey with “A History of DJ Technology, Dance Music and the DJ as a Producer – including a look at the many genres that have developed musically, and their associated sub-cultures”. So there ya go – for this and all the other industry peeps above, we hope to see you on Saturday December 3rd at DV East London for our Digital DJ Expo, plus don’t forget there’ll be product experts in attendance, gear and software demonstrations, free training offers and prize giveaways too – more news and details of this exciting event to follow here at DV DJ Mag.

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Paul Dakeyne is a DJ/Producer who has dedicated the past two decades of his life to dance music production and DJ'ing. For six years, he toured globally for the world famous Ministry of Sound and has played DJ sets for the likes of U2 and for the legendary, Kraftwerk, Although remixing around 250 records in his career, as an artist in his own right, Paul landed one of dance music's seminal crossover moments with his "18 Strings' monster hit by Tinman - scoring a UK top ten in 1994. He also co-wrote and produced the music for BBC's Watchdog and Crimewatch when they were both revamped in 2001 and '06 respectively. His other career highlights have included an A&R stint for Mercury Records, lecturing in 'DJ culture and music technology' and creating mash-up mixes for Radio 1's, Chris Moyles. Paul joined the DV group in 2003 leading to his role as blog and feature author here at the DV Mag.

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