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There was a discussion last week in the office that centered around the idea that sometimes, even though industry standards are always good to have, it’s quite hard to impress someone with your studio setup if they’ve seen it all before. Thinking along those lines, I’m going to give you a minute to scroll down and take a look at something that’s just arrived at DV East London. As far as standing out from the studio crowd goes, I think we can safely say that this tops the charts…

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The Manley Gold REFERENCE mic is the most beautiful microphone we’ve ever seen – unsurprising considering the fact that it’s made by none other than Manley, home of all things analogue, innovative and good-looking. Specifically, it’s a large three-pattern diaphragm capsule, with a gold-film-covered diaphragm that’s been designed to give you an unbelievably high frequency response. It’s a dual-triode tube mic (the 12AT7) travelling through a Manley-brand, nickel-laminated, bi-filar wound  output transformer, which is encased in ‘mu-metal’. The body itself is machined brass, with a 24-karat gold plating for good measure.

You have access to cardioid, omni and figure 8 positions, and according to Manley, “the Gold Mics make it possible to exactly tailor the proximity effect to achieve the desired character.”

From the transformer, you’re out to a locking three-pin XLR for your audio, while a 6-pin XLR provides your power via a specially-enforced cable that’s included with the mic, it’s sturdy case and, as you can see, a rather superb shockmount.

We suppose it makes sense for the support for this microphone to be suitably impressive, and those accompanying the company’s REFERENCE series microphones don’t disappoint. Due to the way that the inner capsule and associated innards can be removed from the mic as one entity to allow for easy maintenance, you don’t ever actually need to remove the shockmount at all. Tool free positioning and an additional included leather grille protector make for not only ease of use when you’re recording, but also the extra mile in protection when you’re not.

The outer facade is more than just incredibly gorgeous, too. The stainless-steel grille has been left with a deliberately open weave (oo er). While some manufacturers have gone down the route of pop-cancelling multi-grilles, Manley’s reasoning is that it would rather allow the engineer to use his or her own discretion when it comes to deciding whether a pop screen is needed, and would also rather let its capsule truly breathe. The manufacturer has placed a firm emphasis on natural tone with an unbelievably broad range – the dream microphone for those producers who are working with numerous voices and wildly different vocalists.

We have no doubt that you’ll want to put this mic to the test, just to see if it really does sound as good as it looks, so why not call Jim McNeilly on 01708 771991 or email him on and pop into DV East London to try this resplendent marvel out.

Check Current Pricing of Manley Gold Reference Microphone at


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