VOX Amps: New for Summer NAMM 2011


Summer NAMM 2011 sees VOX launch two new products, the AC15C2 Twin with two Celestion Greenbacks and the MINI3 modeling practice amp.

The VOX AC15C2 Twin takes the Custom Series AC15 amp and includes two Celestion G12M Greenbacks and also the larger spring reverb tank found in the AC30C2. Powered by three 12AX7 valves in the pre-amp and two EL84 valves in the power stage, the AC15C2 Twin also features two switchable channels and tremolo.

Both the Normal and Top Boost channel include its own Volume control. The Top Boost channel has Treble and Bass controls while there’s also a Tone Cut, Master Volume and Reverb.

Presenting the tiny VOX MINI3 Classic modeling amp, a compact practice or busking amp which can be mains or battery powered. The MINI3 offers 11 amp models, from clean to high-gain, plus effects and a built-in tuner. In addition, the MINI3 provides a versatile array of connections including a microphone input and an AUX input to connect an MP3 player and also features the classic VOX diamond grill cloth

A totally clean, non-distorting model is included in the amp section, which allows nearly any acoustic instrument with a pickup, an electro-acoustic guitar or a keyboard to be connected to the MINI3. The mic input also means the MINI3 can function as a portable PA system as well as a guitar amp.

Editable effects include reverb, delay with tap tempo plus a compressor, chorus, flanger and tremolo. The MINI3 also includes a detachable strap for easy transport and weighs 3.5 kg. In addition, the MINI3 can be powered by six AA alkaline batteries which provide up to 30 hours use.


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