Rebecca De Winter – ‘Shy Bride’ Debut Grabs Our Attention


We love new music and new bands here at DV Mag. In fact, via the recent ‘Your Music In Our Mag‘ series, Editor Rob has already begun highlighting worthy new talent, but today it’s my turn. Let me introduce you to Rebecca De Winter.


This morning’s email in box contained a lovely message along the DV247 ‘satisfied customer’ angle that thankfully the guys over there receive on a daily basis, but there was ‘something’ about Rebecca’s email that caught mine and everyone’s eye. She was happily writing in to say how satisfied she was with the purchase of her ‘wonderful’ Nord Clavia piano and invited us to view a video she’d made of her music. I checked it out and loved it.

Rebecca has been making music for a few years now, still with pretty much the same band  and collaborators (formely known as ‘Tinker Jack’), but it was only recently that all involved agreed that Rebecca herself should step forward and become the primary focus and identifiable lead artist in her own right.

Debut Material

Bedfordshire based Beccy has played piano and flute since a child and is no stranger to live performance, song-writing and singing. Her ‘sound’, based on a heritage of ‘indie-folk’, currently fuses alternative pop/soul with pure piano balladry – not ‘my’ usual fare then musically? Nope -wrong! Quite honestly, even from someone like me with the Kraftwerkian, machine-like electronica circuitry running through my production leanings, I was delighted to find her debut song, ‘Shy Bride’ to be the most refreshing, innocent, pure and gawd-danggit catchy slice of acoustic pop I’ve heard for years.

Yes, the song is beautiful, yes, Rebecca instantly warms your heart with a sincere and emotive performance, but add all that to a rather professional story-boarded, location selected and well produced video and we definitely have something special happening here. The actual video was directed by Rebecca’s ‘Shy Bride’ writing partner for the song, David Litchfield (himself quite a talent it seems) who, as a lecturer in a local college too, enlisted the help of students to man the multi camera set-up in the video location of an old book/curio shop in Bedfordshire. The result, which has gathered over 1,000 plays in just a few days since upload, can be seen in the YouTube video below.

Piano Purity

As for that ‘wonderful’ Nord piano – when I chatted with Rebecca today on the phone, she mentioned that, although being somewhat of a piano purist (the actual piano on ‘Shy Bride’ was a character filled, slightly out of tune Steinway), the Nord is the closest (and portable) thing to an actual grand piano sound she’s ever played. It now graces every live performance Beccy and the band play, and can be heard in use on some of her other material currently on the net.

With an album to follow soon, and radio support from national and regional ‘BBC Introducing’ to as far field as specialist stations in New York City, Rebecca De Winter remains un-signed for now, but gaining momentum even as I write this. Major labels, get your cheque books at the ready, we’ve got an acoustic version of the ‘Little Boots’ story happening here.

Rebecca De Winter at ReverbNation


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