Cubase 6 Video Review


We spent time with Steinberg this week, taking an in-depth look at what makes Cubase 6 ticks. So, over the next few days, we’ll be putting up a number of videos that will take you through what’s new, what’s better, and how each feature set works. More will pop up over the course of the week, so keep an eye out!

Time stretching features

Andrew lets Cubase flex its technological muscles, using elastic to stretch either time or pitch while protecting the other parameter (or altering both simultaneously). The results at 2:20 are pretty astonishing, simply because we don’t think we’ve heard this quality at such an extreme level of stretch before…

Tempo detection

Cubase’s beat detector can search Wav files to define important beats and create tempo maps. Suddenly even old non-click recording sessions can be brought ‘back to life’ and worked into brand new arrangements. Jump to 2:30 to get straight into the action – it’s something to see.

Drum editing and group editing

Drum editing takes beat manipulation even further – at 1:30 Andrew takes a drum track which isn’t in time and, well, we’ll let you watch how he fixes it. It suffices to say that with the level of correction possible here, and the quantising options (2:45), you can fire your drummer, do it yourself and polish it up later.

Cubase 6: An Introduction


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  1. The irony being that being music technologists I’d have expected to of been able to clearly hear what you are saying. Some close mics would have help, coz trying to hear through my laptop speakers is difficult enough. lol!


    • Sorry Martin! We’ll be adding several videos today that should be a lot easier to hear – we sometimes forget that we’re sat in rooms packing big sound systems and the latest review monitors!


    • I’ve already had far too many hat jokes about this video, Robin. Thanks. Even my *mum* made a gag about it.


  2. Hi Rob,

    I bought the full pc version but when i select hitpoints and try to edit the quantize of drums i dont get both panels. only the one with the quantize button and not the one with the slice button. can you shed any light here?


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