Numark NS6 4-Channel Serato Itch Controller And Mixer


Amongst a plethora of product releases for NAMM 2011, Numark have announced their ‘game changer’ DJ controller and mixer, The Numark NS6. Designed for Serato Itch DJ’s, this new unit emulates the four virtual deck capability of such controllers as the A&H Xone:DX and brings even better (high-resolution touch-activated) platter response specifications than it’s predecessor, the Numark NS7.


This unit is a true grade, Pro DJ control and mixing solution that would be at home equally in a studio, a club or at the fingertips of a world champion turntablist. The hardware control surface is intelligently laid out to offer the Serato Itch DJ instant familiarity when using his/her favoured software. Transport, cueing, looping, track/crate navigation, tempo adjustment, platter control, effects manipulation and a fully spec’d mixing section make the NS6 one of only a handful of genuinely world class pro DJ controllers.

Top Panel

Click the thumbnail below for a larger image of the Numark NS6 top panel:

New Features

Above and beyond the features offered by the NS6’s older sibling, the NS7, this new Numark unit offers an enhanced strip search capability. Using needle drop technology, NS6 takes this one step further by adding position indicators that enable the DJ to always know track position.

Numark NS6 has a professional 24-bit audio interface and a full array of inputs and outputs too. These include XLR outputs, headphone out, two mic inputs, two phono inputs, four line-level inputs, and USB to connect the system to a users Mac or PC. Full and tight integration with the Serato Itch software is of course taken as read (turntable and control information are communicated between the hardware and software at more than ten times standard MIDI resolution), but the NS6 now offers two, in-built dedicated FX control sections for handling the software’s effects array – whereas the previous NS7 needed the add-on of the NSFX unit to accommodate the same level of control.

Game Changer?

So, the new NS6 joins the similar Pro-DJ quality range of Numark’s NS7, NSFX and the single turntable controller, the V7. Competition at this product quality level just got more fierce of course with the ‘just arrived’ new Pioneer duo too, but they don’t talk to Serato software on a 4 deck communication level like the NS6, plus it’s gonna be interesting how these NS6 super platters perform under world champion, scratch style scrutiny. Anyway, as always, we hope to get this new unit over to DV Magazine HQ for one of our splendid review sessions – fingers crossed it won’t be too long too.


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