Pioneer DJM-2000 Digital DJ Mixer – Video Overview Part Three


djm-2000-pioneer_pro_mixerContinuing with part three of our DV247 blog overview of the Pioneer DJM-2000 Pro DJ mixer, product expert Rik Parkinson returns with more insights into this remarkable flagship mixing solution. One of the major new features of this unit is the two point, four section touch screen located loud ‘n proud in the centre of the DJM-2000.

This flexible and powerful area accesses four types of themed controls – MIDI, Mix, Remix and Sampler. In this video, Rik looks at two of these modes. Firstly, ‘Mix’, which enables a very creative approach to crossfade mixing by focusing on Pioneer’s self titled ‘frequency mixing’ process. This utilises seven band crossfading and is quite interesting when seen live as performed here by Rik.

The Pioneer DJM-2000‘s ‘MIDI’ mode within the touch-screen environment opens up a ton of possibilities negating the DJ’s need to carry round a single, or multitude, of control surfaces (such as Nano-pad, APC’s, Launchpads etc). This MIDI section addresses type ‘A’ to ‘D’ control, which basically translates to the ability to map just about any DJ software parameter to the Pioneer touch-screen area. This is even flexible enough to efficiently target drum pads, X/Y movements and of course basic on/off, slider control and allows total user, bespoke MIDI mapping (with the promise of template files to come no doubt from user forums on the internet).

The next, part four video from Rik and us here at the DV247 blog will be a continuing look at the Pioneer DJM-2000 and it’s next two modes of ‘Remix’ and ‘Sampler’.


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