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The Roland V-Piano and Yamaha CP1Yamaha CP1, Roland V-Piano part one

Roland V-Piano, Yamaha CP1 part two

Roland V-Piano, Yamaha CP1 part three

M-Audio CX5 monitor review part one

M-Audio CX5 monitor review part two

Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V

M-Audio CX5 monitorsBehringer B815Neo loudspeaker review

Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier review

Vestax Spin DJ controller review part two

Gibson Sammy Hagar Red Rocker review

SE Electronics ICIS microphone review

Phonic FireFly 808 interface

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter

Native Instruments Maschine 1.5

Orange OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker

Audient ASP2802 dual layer technology

Mackie Onyx I Pro Tools mixer free driver

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The Yamaha CP1Yamaha CP1, Roland V-Piano part one

Roland V-Piano, Yamaha CP1 part two

Roland V-Piano, Yamaha CP1 part three

Last week was dominated by a mighty three part review pitching the Roland V-Piano and Yamaha CP1 against one another. In part one Rob tackled the CP1, before testing the V-Piano in part two and delivering his verdict in part three. “Past a certain price point, comparison is very difficult indeed…” Rob mused.

M-Audio CX5 monitorsM-Audio CX5 monitor review part one

M-Audio CX5 monitor review part two

Renowned producer, remixer and DV247 Blog guru Paul Dakeyne delved deep into the inner workings and performance of M-Audio CX5 active monitors on Thursday and Friday of last week, as he added them to his studio for a review. Despite rarely reviewing studio monitors, Paul was moved enough by the pair to write: “When placed next to the aforementioned Adam A7s and some Genelec speakers I’ve used, this pair sits quite comfortably – impressive for such esteemed company”.


The Behringer Eurolive B815NeoBehringer B815Neo loudspeaker review

Marc Noel Johnson kicked off Monday morning in loud fashion with Behringer B815 Neo loudspeakers, leaving the DV247 Blog reviews bench positively trembling. “The overall volume on offer from the Neo is simply stunning, with nary a hint of overload, which if present would be indicated by an LED on the front. For power to weight, I can’t think of any other speaker that comes close,” he wrote.

The Vestax Spin DJ controllerVestax Spin DJ controller review part two

Concluding his two part review of the Vestax Spin DJ controller from the previous week, Paul Dakeyne delivered his verdict on whether the controller could be considered a pro piece of kit, or just an option for beginners. “The Spin is well built, feature packed and fun to use for novice DJ wannabees,” he observed.

Native Instruments Maschine 1.5

Monday afternoon saw the release of Native Instruments Maschine 1.5, and Paul Dakeyne was quick to analyse the news for the Blog while describing the 50 new features on offer. “The manufacturer has made Maschine even more enticing to any potential users,” he explained, adding: “for a free update to existing users, this looks like a slam dunk”.

The Gibson Sammy Hagar Red Rocker Les PaulGibson Sammy Hagar Red Rocker review

Marc Noel Johnson found himself surprised on Tuesday morning when he sat down to review the Gibson Sammy Hagar Red Rocker Les Paul. The guitar is, he explained, “a surprisingly restrained affair considering the larger than life rock and roll legend and tequila millionaire that it was made for”. While MNJ enjoyed the guitar itself, he was less convinced about the Chickenfoot logo adorning the headstock.

The Orange OPCOrange OPC Computer Amplifier Speaker

In one of the strangest yet impressive stories yet to break on DV247 Blog, Barney Jameson brought news on Tuesday afternoon of the Orange OPC – a hybrid between a guitar combo and a PC. “The decision to develop a music computer system that so closely mimics the appearance and function of a normal combo amp is certainly novel…” Barney wrote.

Fender American Deluxe Jazz Bass V

Having already reviewed the new Fender American Deluxe Telecaster and Stratocaster, Marc Noel Johnson spent Wednesday finding out how N3 noiseless pickups sound on the new American Deluxe Jazz Bass V. “This new model proves that Fender is not content to sit around contemplating past successes,” he declared.

The Audient ASP2802Audient ASP2802 dual layer technology

On Wednesday afternoon Barney Jameson wrote about another Musikmesse 2010 product, but this time one that had not yet enjoyed the attention it deserved – the Audient ASP2802. A combination of analogue mixer and DAW controller, the ASP2802 promised high-end Audient technology in a mid-priced desk.

The Mackie Onyx 820I and 1220I mixersMackie Onyx I Pro Tools mixer free driver

With the release of the Mackie Onyx I mixer range having already prompted a surge in interest thanks to the desks’ compatibility with M-Powered Pro Tools, Barney Jameson reported on Thursday afternoon that the driver required for the Pro Tools functionality was now free until the end of May. “With the current boom in live recording, this is an important gap in the M-Powered armoury that the Mackie range is seeking to plug,” Barney mused.

The SE Electronics ICIS microphoneSE Electronics ICIS microphone review

Rob Sandall tested the SE Electronics ICIS studio valve microphone and found himself thoroughly impressed, especially with the 1.07″ gold diaphragm – the same as used in the manufacturer’s Z5600 model. “That mic is over double the price, so it’s fair to say that there’s a pretty epic quality commitment when it comes to components here,” Rob enthused.

The Mesa Boogie Dual RectifierMesa Boogie Dual Rectifier review

There was one thing on the mind of Marc Noel Johnson when he reviewed the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier on Friday afternoon – volume! “Plugging into a Mesa Boogie 4×12, setting the voicing switch to Vintage and selecting channel two, I think I went straight to the heart of this amp,” he reported.

SE Electronics Reflexion Filter

On Saturday Rob Sandall found himself extolling the virtues of the SE Electronics Reflexion Filter. The review quickly turned into a reasoned argument for the importance of this kind of product. “I think whether or not this kind of thing bothers you is a question of production maturity,” he argued.

The Phonic Firefly 808Phonic FireFly 808 interface

Finally, on Sunday Rob Sandall sat down to test and rate the Phonic FireFly 808 FireWire interface, deciding it was ideal for home set-ups, and declaring: “the preamps are of a high quality, and with the wealth of input and output options here it’s easy to work this into any project studio”.


Paul Dakeyne: Dance the Dilution

Paul Dakeyne spent his Tuesday Writer’s Block column having a rare but justified moan about the state of modern dance music and clubland in general. “What of the club crowds today? Are they really that interested in the music?” he argued.

Rob Sandall: The death of lo-fi

One time lo-fi recording devotee Rob Sandall renounced his past on Wednesday afternoon, declaring that modern technology had done away with genuine lo-fi production entirely. Anyone who still sounded lo-fi was just pretentious, he declared.

Marc Noel Johnson: 10 guitarists you’ve probably never heard of

Having read endless magazine lists of the world’s most famous guitarists, Marc Noel Johnson decided to redress the balance in his Thursday Writer’s Block column, instead introducing 10 players who deserved to be heard.

Barney Jameson: I Wanna Be Elected…

With electioneering and X-Factor style TV debates dominating the airwaves in the UK, Barney Jameson couldn’t resist picking the songs that leading politicians might sing if they really were invited on to the X-Factor stage…

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