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The Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz BassFender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass review part one

Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass review part two

Numark NS7 and NSFX Review

Rane SL3 Serato Scratch Live review

Sound On Sound – SOS

Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School review

Jackson JS32T Dinky review

Vox Pathfinder 10 review

Gibson ES-339 Semi Acoustic review

The Numark NS7PRS 25th Anniversary 305 review

Ibanez RG4570Z review

QSC K Series loudspeakers review

Tascam DP-008 Pocketstudio part one

Tascam DP-008 Pocketstudio part two

Samson EXL250 Expedition Express review

APC20 vs Launchpad vs APC40

Slash Appetite Les Paul – review soon!

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The Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass headstockFender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass review part one

Fender 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass review part two

Back at NAMM 2010, Fender announced the launch of the 50th Anniversary Jazz Bass and this week Marc Noel Johnson was lucky enough to give one of the first models in the UK a thorough review. His verdict? “This is a bass that’s got everything that Fender could possibly throw at a new model,” he wrote.

The Numark NS7Numark NS7 and NSFX Review

Friday afternoon saw Paul Dakeyne review the Numark NS7 all in one DJ performance controller alongside the yet to be released NSFX dedicated effects rack. While noting that the NS7 was best suited to a fixed installation, Paul decided that it was “a definite contender for the “Well, I just use this..” conversation”, while the NSFX could become an essential addition.


The Gibson ES-339 semi acoustic guitarGibson ES-339 Semi Acoustic review

The week got off to a fine start with Marc Noel Johnson playing the Gibson ES-339 semi acoustic, a guitar that he noted needs “to find its way into more collections, studios and bedrooms”. MNJ argued that the Custom Shop model deserved more attention, delivering “classic semi-acoustic overdriven tone”.

QSC K Series loudspeakers review

Following a listen to QSC’s K Series loudspeakers, Barney Jameson reported on his enthusiasm for the DEEP feature. Designed to produce more low-end from the full-range speakers without an additional sub, Barney decided that he would “certainly recommend trying them”.

APC20 vs Launchpad vs APC40

Ending the busiest day ever on the DV247 Blog in terms of readers, Paul Dakeyne spent Monday afternoon discussing the differences between the APC20, Novation’s Launchpad, and the APC40. With the promise of a full APC20 review as soon as possible, Paul reflected that “the imminent arrival of the APC20 Ableton Live controller has definitely had a few DJ/Producers asking what’s best for them…”

The PRS 25th Anniversary 305PRS 25th Anniversary 305 review

Marc Noel Johnson reviewed the PRS 25th Anniversary 305 guitar on Tuesday morning and quickly proclaimed himself astonished at the sustain that the guitar offers. “Bend a string and hold it – and hold it. We counted off at least 10 seconds before the note started to die away,” he marvelled.

Vox Pathfinder 10 review

Tom Lewis joined DV247 Blog on Tuesday with the Vox Pathfinder 10 bass combo. Priced as a practice amp but offering much more, the amp impressed Tom who described its sound as “well-rounded with clear highs and mids that don’t become tinny, and enough low end to give you an upset stomach”.

Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School review

Rob Sandall returned to the DV247 Blog on Tuesday afternoon with the Moog Minimoog Voyager Old School by his side. As a longterm fan of Moog synths, Rob’s love of the Voyager was never going to be in doubt, but he was particularly taken with the Old School’s lack of presets, explaining: “it’s a beautifully organic form of creation, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked for technological dazzle”.

The Sound On Sound recorderSound On Sound – SOS

The Korg Sound on Sound portable recorder was reviewed by Rob Sandall on Wednesday, and he fell in love with the recording possibilities it offers. In an overwhelmingly positive review, he even declared that the Sound on Sound was “the best on-the-move recorder I’ve come across, full stop”.

Rane SL3 Serato Scratch Live review

In his Rane SL3 Scratch Live review, Paul Dakeyne found himself transported back to his old school days, and he thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite being a more experienced user of Traktor than Scratch Live. “The SL3 system is refreshingly different – or should that be ‘familiar’ – to use,” he explained.

Slash Appetite Les Paul – review coming soon!

On Thursday of last week news began to filter out of America that the much anticipated Slash Appetite for Destruction Les Paul would be arriving very soon, and in celebration Marc Noel Johnson wrote a sequel to his NAMM blog on the guitar’s specifications. A review would appear on the DV247 Blog as soon as the guitar arrived in the UK, he promised.

The Jackson JS32T being testedJackson JS32T Dinky review

As arguably the standout product announcement from Jackson Guitars at NAMM 2010, the JS32T Dinky electric guitar was positively ripped out of its box by Rob Sandall when it arrived at the DV247 Blog for review. Nor did the guitar disappoint, with Rob deciding that “it looks the part, which is important, but it plays the part too, which for a beginner is more, not less, vital”.

The Ibanez RG4570Z electric guitarIbanez RG4570Z review

The Ibanez RG4570Z electric guitar saw Marc Noel Johnson reminiscing on the history of Ibanez. Having talked through the specifications of the review model, MNJ pointed out that “The Ibanez RG Series is now so established worldwide that a report of how the guitar plays or what it sounds like is a like trying to tell someone that night follows day”.

Tascam DP-008 Pocketstudio review part one

Tascam DP-008 Pocketstudio review part two

Barney Jameson reviewed the Tascam DP-008 Pocketstudio by recording a demo on the eight track amid waves of nostalgia for Portastudios of the past. Barney was so impressed by the DP-008’s built-in microphones that he even posted part of the recording within the article.

Samson EXL250 Expedition Express review

Ending the week with an in-depth PA review, Rob Sandall spent his Sunday testing the Samson EXL250 Expedition Express portable loudspeaker system. He found himself impressed with the results, reasoning that “having grappled with many a system and even smashed a friend’s boot-window glass trying to cram a PA in the back of his car, it’s always nice to see a compact product like this perform well”. Whether his friend already knew about the smashed window, we can’t say.


Paul Dakeyne: Gramophonedzie: ‘Why Don’t You’… have a hit!

Paul Dakeyne revealed the next big breakthrough dance hit: Gramophonedzie’s Why Don’t You. “For as many people that this track makes smile,” Paul reflected, “there’ll be an equal amount who’ll contort their face and rush to change the radio station “.

Rob Sandall: Broadband just got a lot more interesting

In his Wednesday column, Rob Sandall reflected on the impact that 1gbps broadband could have on musicians, encouraging international jam sessions, but harming the camaraderie of the rehearsal room.

Marc Noel Johnson: How to a be a multi-instrumentalist without really trying

Having mastered the electric guitar and bass, Marc Noel Johnson revealed the other stringed instruments he enjoys playing in his home studio to aid his recordings and increase his musical range.

Barney Jameson: Can birds play electric guitar?

In his Friday Writer’s Block column, Barney Jameson asked the question no one dares voice: can birds play electric guitar? According to a YouTube video of Zebra Finches doing just that, the answer is yes.

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