Laney – It’s a Brit Thing Part 2


vc15-laneyThis Laney VC15-110 is a limited special edition 15 Watt combo finished in OEW, or ‘old English white’ vinyl. It’s a slight departure for the company, which doesn’t really have a history of making small runs of special amps. It’s Class A/B, has reverb, and sports a 10″ custom Jensen speaker. There are only 350 available wordwide and once they’re gone, that’s it, no more.

Of course it’s a valve job, with two EL84s in the power section, a set up which is now widely used by nearly all manufacturers in the amp business making 15 watters. It’s especially appealing visually, having a whiff of ’boutique-ness’ about it. There will be a review from this blogger when they come in, if they haven’t all been sold!

Laney has been around over 40 years and its founder, Lyndon Laney, is still at the helm. In all that time the company has turned out good, reliable product that has been affordable, gimmick-free and packed with useful and usable features. Nor does it just stick to guitar amps either: the company has made some cracking PA, bass and keyboard gear as well. The Nexus Tube bass gear deserves special mention, offering 400 Watts of pure bass tone, powered by eight KT88 tubes. It’s being used by artists as diverse as Martin Mendez from Swedish metal band Opeth, to Portishead’s touring bassist, Jim Barr.

Another departure for Laney is its introduction of the Prism range of digital guitar amps. The Laney Prism P65 is a 65 Watt 1 x 12 combo which features an onboard tuner and 11 different amp settings as a starter for producing your own tone. On board multi-effects make this a sensational package for the beginner and semi-pro alike who needs it all in an affordable package. Get one on your Christmas list!

Once again, as with Hiwatt in Part 1 of this mini-series, we’ve got another UK company that understands its market and customers, and continues to turn out good, relevant product. It must be an Old English thing.


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