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james hymanJeez, there are hundreds of DJ’s we could write about here at ‘Musical Notes’. But, there is a.. ‘but’. Each one will have to possess a particular skill or specialty, a technical or creative slant that would be of interest to you, our music producing/instrument playing/studio-recording readers. Well, this guy is someone I’ve long admired and have much respect for. Why? Well, he loves his music, no.. he really loves his music. And my gawd, does he know his music too!?!

James Hyman has fulfilled many music connected roles throughout the past couple of decades, always running concurrently with his time as a DJ. Check this out for a list.. He:

  • Gigged as a flagship, new music breaking jock for alternative radio station, XFM
  • Promoted and popularised the art and concept of the ‘Mash-Up’ genre
  • Worked with MTV highlighting all movers, shakers and events during the dance music’s cultural phenomenon between late 80’s into 2000
  • Front line presented TV shows focusing on many aspects of pop culture for the BBC, Channel 4, 5 Nuts TV and the SciFi Channel
  • Has directed music videos for major artists like Fat Boy Slim, Prince, New Order and Snow Patrol
  • Is an active Music Adviser (constantly monitoring emerging music trends) for a multitude of album compilations, film soundtracks, corporate advertising & fashion events
  • Received major props from Quentin Tarantino for including influences and dialogue in a ‘mash-up’ release flavoured with the Director’s work

quentin tarantino james hymanJames’ un-ceasing enthusiasm for music has always been an inspiration to me. If I’ve ever had periods of negativity towards generic dance music, felt everything else in current ‘Pop’ was just too luck-lustre, then along comes James to point me in the direction of fresh innovation, abounding creativity and well, just some damn good s**t to listen to.. Why not absorb yourself in this guys world.. he’ll be one of the best guides you could imagine to clear the mist and behold the musical wonders that await. Your mojo will be fed bountifully and, I guarantee, when you step back in the studio or pick up your instrument, you’ll have that extra spark of inspiration, only possible with new musical ideas flowing through your veins 🙂


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Paul Dakeyne is a DJ/Producer who has dedicated the past two decades of his life to dance music production and DJ'ing. For six years, he toured globally for the world famous Ministry of Sound and has played DJ sets for the likes of U2 and for the legendary, Kraftwerk, Although remixing around 250 records in his career, as an artist in his own right, Paul landed one of dance music's seminal crossover moments with his "18 Strings' monster hit by Tinman - scoring a UK top ten in 1994. He also co-wrote and produced the music for BBC's Watchdog and Crimewatch when they were both revamped in 2001 and '06 respectively. His other career highlights have included an A&R stint for Mercury Records, lecturing in 'DJ culture and music technology' and creating mash-up mixes for Radio 1's, Chris Moyles. Paul joined the DV group in 2003 leading to his role as blog and feature author here at the DV Mag.

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