Marshall launch Class 5 in Class A style!


bonamassaclass5As new product launches go in this industry, yesterday’s bash to introduce the new Marshall Class 5 to the world will go down as one of the best.

Held at Ronnie Scott’s club in Soho, the invited dealers, press and VIPs were not only treated to lunch with free beer and wine, but a stunning demo of the Class 5 with none other than Joe Bonamassa and his own touring band.

During the warm up by the young but going places Krissy Matthews, a Hendrix inspired blues rocker playing though a Marshall Haze, the eight Class 5s to be revealed were hidden under a large union flag; the point being that this is a UK built amp. This was mentioned quite a few times to much audience approval, something that shouldn’t go unnoticed by Marshall.

Joe was only playing through one of the amps, miked up of course (it’s only 5 watts), but I made a point of looking for pedals on stage. Apart from a tuner, nothing. The tone? Beyond stunning, even with a single 10″ speaker which can sometimes lack bottom end. I should mention a guest appearance from Marshall demonstrator Chris George on one number who more than held his own.

Although the publicity empashises the Class 5 as a practice or recording combo, after yesterday’s demonstration, there is no reason why you couldn’t use one live for a club or pub gig. No it doesn’t do loud/clean but that’s not the point. Get another amp for that and use a switcher like a Radial Hotshot and you’re sorted.

All in all, a brilliant afternoon, a brilliant product at a great price and sincere thanks to Marshall Amplification for the hospitality.


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